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4 Benefits of muslin for baby blankets

Zuzana Hooks

Posted on January 08 2021

4 Benefits of muslin for baby blankets

When shopping for clothing and accessories for your baby, you might see the word muslin appear in many of the product descriptions and you may have wondered just what muslin is and if it is really as good as some people say. Muslin is an exceptionally finetype of cotton fabric, which is preferred for its lightness and smooth texture. Any parent understands that the skin of their babies is sensitive and much more delicate than their own. And it’s easier for baby’s skin to become dry, due to a faster loss of moisture. This is where muslin can provide a wide range of benefits for your baby, from comfort to durability.

With that being said, we are going to take a look at some of the many reasons that today’sparents should choose muslin blankets for their baby:

Durability- muslin is made of a natural fibre that can withstand daily use and repeated washes. In fact, muslin becomes softer with age and many muslin blankets are pre-washed to achieve the preferred degree of softness. Muslin doesn’t lose its physical integrity due to repeated stretching either and parents can tuck their baby in with muslin blankets, because the fabric isn’t overly restrictive.

Breathable- muslin baby blankets are breathable, relaxing, and calming for babies. Parents don’t need to be worried that children will feel irritated because of excess heat and sweat. Quality muslin blankets are intricately woven to ensure breathability and regulate heat. Blankets made of tightly woven synthetic fabrics tend to trap body temperature, which can cause discomfort during summer or areas with room temperature.

Non-Allergic- muslin blankets are ideal for anyone with allergies, because of its hypo-allergic properties. For babies with sensitive skin, mums should always use hypo-allergenic blankets and clothing. Irritation and redness could happen when it’s too hot and baby has excessive perspiration. Rashes and skin breakouts are often found on the armpits, neck and back. Sweating can be reduced with cotton muslin blankets. Because the fabric absorbs sweat easily, parents shouldreplace the blanket immediately when it is damp.

Easy To Wash- another reason to choose muslin blankets is because they are easy to wash. After repeated washings, these blankets are still gentle to their hands. Blankets will become smoother and more comfortable to use for babies. Muslin blankets are affordable and the fact that they are easy to wash, should make them very appealing to parents. Just use normal washing procedures and muslin blankets will be more comfortable than ever.

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