Pregnancy is an exciting and special time for expectant mothers. The second trimester of pregnancy is often considered one of the best times for a mom-to-be. During this trimester, many of the more uncomfortable symptoms of early pregnancy start to subside and a mom-to-be can start to enjoy the experience of pregnancy more. During the second trimester, many moms-to-be will begin to feel their baby's movements. This is an exciting time for many as it is the first time they can really feel their baby and start bonding. The second trimester is also when many moms-to-be start to show more, as their baby bump begins to grow. At this stage of pregnancy, it's important for expectant moms to take care of their health. Eating a balanced diet, getting enough sleep and drinking plenty of water are important for both mom and baby. Regular prenatal visits are also important to ensure that the pregnancy is progressing as expected. The second trimester of pregnancy is often a time of joy and anticipation as moms-to-be prepare to welcome their little one. This is a special time and one that should be enjoyed. With the right care and attention, expectant moms can look forward to.